Understanding Total Active Cannabinoids in Cannabis Products

Total active cannabinoids (TACs) refer to the cannabinoid profile of a cannabis strain. It is the sum of all the cannabinoids that are active and can help consumers better understand the cannabinoid content in the strain, product or seed of their choice. The total number of active cannabinoids is the sum of all the cannabinoids that were active at the time of the test. This is not the final percentage of cannabinoids available for use, but rather the quantity packaged before any decarboxylation (heating) and indicates to the consumer all the cannabinoids present in your product.

When examining a cannabis product, it is important to note that each cannabinoid appears to have a normal distribution of values. Additionally, there are two distinct distributions for THC, THCA, available THC (also known as “total active THC” or “THCmax”), available CBD and total cannabinoids. The total number of cannabinoids, which is the sum of all measurable cannabinoids, is the only result of a single distribution. The total amount of cannabinoids available for use in the product is referred to as total cannabinoids.

This number is not the same as the percentage of THC or CBD, as there is another 10% in the form of THCA which is not active at the time of testing but will be available for use once the product is heated. This number is shown in the total percentage of cannabinoids. Total active cannabinoids (TAC) is a measure of the cannabinoid resin content in plant material and is normally distributed in all cannabis plants. It is important to note that TAC will not be present in cannabis products such as oils which already have all their cannabinoids available for use.

The total aerobic count (TAC) measures the number of microbes found in a product and is used to determine if a producer has good health practices. However, it cannot give an indication of whether those microbes are pathogenic or beneficial. Learning what TAC means and how to read labels on marijuana products can help consumers find the right product for them. Analyzing figures such as TAC and total percentage of cannabinoids can help determine if a product has higher or lower potency potential, which can be especially important if you plan to use marijuana for its medicinal properties or if you are prone to anxiety when using cannabis.

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