What is Considered High THC?

A product with a high THC content surpasses the average THC content of 15% found in most cannabis consumables. Anything above 25% THC is considered to be very high, and extracts may contain up to 50% or even 90% THC. It is rare to find THC levels higher than 25%. Although it is more common to see claims of THC levels between 25 and 30% in marijuana.

Generally, the best quality cannabis you'll find is in the 25 to 30% THC range. In reality, any cannabis strain with more than 20% THC should be considered very strong. As a rule of thumb, it's wise to expect outlandish claims about THC to be backed up by laboratory data. The flower with a total THC content of 17 to 20% (about 170 to 200 mg of THC per gram) is considered to be of high potency.

This range of THC is typical of most flowers found in a dispensary and will have stronger effects. Consuming flowers that are high in THC will allow you to experience the multitude of brain and physical effects of THC more quickly and intensely. Most people love THC because of its ability to produce stimulating feelings of happiness and euphoria. With flowers that are high in THC, more THC enters the bloodstream with each inhalation, making these effects appear faster and more intensely.

In short, if you're looking for a strong buzz, flowers with a high THC content will do the job faster and easier.

Tasha Falsetti
Tasha Falsetti

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