What is THC-O and How Does it Compare to Delta-9?

THC-O (sometimes spelled THCO or ATHC) is a potent psychoactive synthetic analogue of THC. It binds more closely to the body's cannabinoid receptors than other forms of THC, making it more intoxicating than delta 8, delta 10 or HHC and even stronger than THC delta 9.Users have reported experiencing images similar to psilocybin, and some even say that THC-O can be a very spiritual experience. The effects of THC-O can vary from person to person, but it generally produces a euphoric high comparable to delta-9, but with hallucinogenic effects. Hallucinogenic effects include notable visual distortions, auditory hallucinations and heightened emotions. THC-O is fully federally legal in 41 states, while Delta 9-THC is illegal and federally illegal in most states.

It takes longer to take effect, but produces effects that are approximately three times stronger than those of conventional THC. Reddit users have already begun to report a delay in the onset of coughing and pulmonary congestion after vaping THC-O acetate. It is also very likely that THC-O is easier to detect than delta-8 or delta-9 because of its greater potency. The acetate group of the THC-O molecule is likely to cause problems similar to those of vitamin E acetate, which was found to cause serious lung damage in vapers a few years ago. Therefore, it should only be synthesized by experts in professional laboratories who have serious skills and equipment.

If you normally prefer low doses, such as 5 mg of Delta 9, try a third of that dose when you first try 1.5 mg of THC-O.Interestingly, despite its greater potency, THC-O takes longer to stabilize its effects than other types of THC. As mentioned, THC-O does not occur naturally in hemp or marijuana flowers and must be created synthetically. These impurities can cause health problems, so it's important to always find high-quality THC-O.In conclusion, THC Delta 9 and Delta 10 are much more stimulating in their effects and approximately one third of the potency of THC-O when used at the same dose. THC-O is superior to the traditional and illegal Delta 9-THC because it basically has all the benefits and effects of Delta 9-THC, but is fully federally legal in 41 states in the United States.

It is also psychedelic, hallucinogenic and three times more potent than delta-9 THC, making it an attractive experience for cannabis users across the United States.

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