What Are the Effects of THC-O Gummies?

Yes, THC-O causes you to get high. It is almost three times stronger than THC delta 9 and about five times stronger than THC delta 8, making it an incredibly powerful substance that is not recommended for anyone other than experienced cannabis users. Measuring the effects of THC-O against other forms of THC is subjective, but it is generally accepted that it produces a heavier, psychedelic experience than other cannabinoids. Very little scientific research has been done on the effects and dangers of using THC-O, and its legal status is in a gray area.

Psychedelic doses of THC-O usually start at around 15 mg, but it is important to be familiar with the effects of lower doses before trying higher ones. The laws on THC-O are even less clear because to date this cannabinoid has never been mentioned in any state or federal legislature. Because there is so little research and few regulations, the risks that the use of THC-O can entail is virtually unknown. The legal gray area surrounding delta-8 THC is disappearing, leaving THC-O ready to take its place in the hemp by-product market.

Although most THC-O products claim to be completely natural, synthetic chemicals are always used in their production. It is also very likely that THC-O is easier to detect than delta-8 or delta-9 due to its greater potency. THC-O isn't for everyone, but those who like these types of effects are likely to enjoy the experience. It produces a very heavy stone that can incapacitate the user for a few hours and can cause you to disconnect from your mental space. The visual experience is much stronger than virtually any other form of THC and tends to have a more spiritual tone.

Due to the prodrug nature of THC-O, there is a significant delay in the onset of its effects. Some experts believe that the THC-O acetate group may have similar effects on the lungs, but this is only one theory. It is important to always find high-quality THC-O as impurities can cause health problems.

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